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About OstoMART

See an overview of the OstoMART family. Take a look at the services and products we can offer you to help make your life easier. We offer award winning Customer Service and innovative products. We are also able to deliver all of your ostomy products to your door the day after receiving your order.

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OstoMART Cutting Machine

See the revolutionary ultrasonic cutting machine developed by OstoMART. We can cut your flanges and pouches to your exact shape using our machine. You can receive your products safe in the knowledge that there will be no rough edges, or sharp bits, that can happen when cut with scissors. Find out how here.

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About HiLine

Take a look at the goods we can offer from our sister company Hi Line Ltd. Our factory is based in Barnsley, and our video will show you the time and effort our machinists put into making your support garments and specialist swimwear. We use cutting edge technology in our garments, that includes an anti-microbial and antibacterial treatment.

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Cool Comfort

The Cool Comfort range consists of 3 styles, a pant, boxer or a belt in either black or white. The fabric is soft and lightweight and has a 180 degree stretch which provides support alleviating any discomfort whilst allowing freedom of movement.

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OstoCLEAR is a gentle but highly effective medical adhesive remover containing Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils. The formulation of OstoCLEAR will help you to gently remove your used pouch or flange and any stubborn adhesive residue. Drug Tariff Listed

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OstoCLENZ is a moisturising no rinse skin cleansing gel for use when washing facilities are not required or unavailable. Tea Tree oil is wideley believed to have Antiseptic & Anti Fungal properties. Lavender oil is a universal healer and will soothe and condition tender skin.

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OstoFIX Security Tape is a strong but gentle cushioned adhesive tape for added confidence in any situation. OstoFIX Security Tape has all round stretch to fit snugly over appliance contours or scarring and reduces appliance edge lifting. OstoFIX Security Tape is coloured in discreet beige with a non slip matt finish. OstoFIX Security Tape is available pre-cut to 10cm lengths and in widths of 2.5cm and 5cm for your convenience. Drug Tariff Listed

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OstoGUARD Barrier Cream is the first formulation of its kind to include Lavender to aid the healing of excoriated skin, Aloe Vera to help moisturise and replenish healthy skin. The unique formulation makes OstoGUARD one of the most gentle and highly effective Barrier Creams available.

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OstoMIST is available in either a handy pump spray, or a drop. The spray version comes in 2 sizes, and is available in 5 fresh fragrances. Spray it once into the pouch when changing your appliance, and experience the highly effective neutralising properties of the spray. It will also deodorise a room quickly and efficiently. The drop is available in a 50ml bottle, and is for use with faecal stoma pouches. Use directly into the pouch / bag when changing an appliance. Just place 1 or 2 drops in the pouch / bag prior to use. Contains Nanozyme, which neutralises faecal odour.

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OstoSHIELD Stoma Protector, helps protect the stoma from direct blows. It is shaped to allow the stoma to function during wear and made from a durable, light ABS plastic. The OstoSHIELD is held in place with its own detachable strong elastic belt (ordered seperately). Drug Tariff Listed

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OstoSEAL Protective Powder forms a protective film by combining with exudate from moist skin areas. OstoSEAL is the first formulation of its kind to include, Aloe Vera - to aid in the healing of excoriated skin and replenish healthy skin.

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OstoSORB:- Neutralises Pouch Odour, Absorbs Excess Fluid, Dissolves completely in the pouch and is safe and easy to use. OstoSORB contains a highly effective odour neutraliser to help eliminate odours inside the pouch. OstoSORB will simply dissolve over time to absorb the extra fluid of pouch contents and then flush away unnoticed.

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Dual action OstoZYME lubricates the inside of the pouch and actively destroys any odour at source. OstoZYME contains active odour neutralisers - effectively eliminating any embarrassing smells. OstoZYME is easy to use.

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Hi-Line: An Introduction

Introducing the Hi-Line ranges

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Hi-Line: Ensuring the Correct Fit

Ensuring correct fit for your new Hi-Line garment.

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Hi-Line Ostomy Support Belt

Measuring your Hi-Line ostomy support belt for the addition of a hole.

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Hi-Line Panty Briefs

Measuring your Hi-Line ostomy panty brief for the addition of a hole.

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